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Standard Travel (Inside the Circle on the Map): $50.00

Extended Travel (Outside of the Circle) $75.00

Weekend Travel Fee $75.00

  • Flat rate travel fees

  • Varies based on location

  • Premium rates for long distance travel. (Contact for more info.)

  • Included in Real Estate Signing Fees (with the exception of only Deed transfers)

Pricing: Practices


Contact us if you need a custom quote


Per signature being notarized in addition to the travel fee.



Copy Certifications

Power of Attorney

General Notary

Last Will and Testament

I-9 Verification (Auth. Rep.)

& More


Real Estate Transaction Signings

$150.00 Purchase Side Package

$100.00 Sell Side Only Package

$100.00 Standard Refi Package

$60.00 Land Transaction

$60.00 Quitclaim & Transfer Deeds      

$60.00 Debt Resolutions

Includes print, scan and mail service drop-offs with included label if necessary.


Emergency/Special Circumstances Service Fees

Early Morning (Before 7:00AM)

Late Nights (After 7:30pm)

National Holidays

Pricing: Price List


Information on pricing

Additional charges, separate from the notarization itself, apply for travel and vary depending on the individual appointment, time of day, location and distance. Additional charges may also apply for late night/ weekend and holiday appointments. Travel fee is included in purchase, sale or refinance signing agent fees excluding travel beyond Denver Metro.

If the notary cannot perform the notarization due to any of the following, the travel fee will still apply:

Non-valid identification, Signer and/or witnesses are not present, Signer not coherent enough for the notary to feel comfortable performing the task.

Please note that once the signing is completed, we will collect payment at the time of appointment. If there must be an invoice sent to the email on file of the person that booked the appointment or if someone is paying on behalf of a signer, please provide that email address when booking an appointment. The payment by invoice for services must be collected within 5 business days of being completed. If extended time is needed to make payment, please contact 303 Mobile Notary using the form on the contact page and a team member will follow up.

Per Colorado law: "the fees of a notary public may be, but must not exceed, five dollars for each document attested by a person before a notary, except as otherwise provided by law."

Pricing: Text
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